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About Us


Our companies name is Total Insurance Solutions (TIS), and just like its name states, we are a company that strives to be the ‘total solution’ for our Adelanto customers. TIS is an insurance brokerage that believes you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to buying insurance for your personal and business needs. TIS strives to not only find you the best carrier for the best price but also deliver the best customer service in the industry.

We at TIS are also consumers of the same insurance coverage as our clients. When buying insurance for ourselves, we look at multiple companies to get us the best price. We do the same thing for our clients; we truly listen to our clients' needs and work hard to find the right coverage for the best prices. We treat our clients the way we expect to be treated when shopping for insurance coverage.

We believe that one size does not fit all. Not every insurance carrier is the right fit for certain coverages. The company that is best suited to cover your house might not be the best carrier to cover your boat. So many agents/agencies in Adelanto, CA represent one carrier, which we believe is not fair to the client. The agent/agency that represents one company will not know if they are getting you the best deal for your money.

We do not shy away from the conversation of commissions. When you buy an insurance policy from an agency, that agent/agency gets a commission. We believe that your agent/agency should earn their commission. We believe that our clients would agree that the person earning monies off of the insurance products they buy should be earned with great service and the best products for their needs and their wallets.


We believe that we are great “insurance people.” You might ask yourself what is “insurance people.” Insurance people is a person or persons who know their stuff when it comes to insurance. If you have ever thought to yourself.” I wonder if I need insurance for that?” or “I hope my insurance premium is not expensive for this,” then you need to have “insurance people.” At TIS, we believe that you should be able to find insurance solutions in Adelanto, CA for your personal and business needs. TIS specializes in both aspects of insurance coverage. It just makes life easier when you know that your “insurance people” are looking out for your best interest for all of your needs. We want to be your Insurance People.